Sunday, 27 April 2014

Chloe Dauden Goes Butt-Bared on FHM's Cover May 2014 Issue

Martha Chloe McCulley "Chloe Dauden" is FHM's Cover Girl for the Month of May, 2014 Issue. 

Chloe Dauden goes Super Bare for the month May, 2014 Issue
Chloe Dauden is FHM's Cover Girl this May! Image via FHM's official website.

Chloe Dauden on FHM's Cover Girl for the month of May, 2014
Chloe Dauden has already done three time appearances on the FHM industry and this will be the first time to be on cover,  but you wouldn’t have expected “Chloe” to look this fresh, new and easy on the eyes as you see her as FHM Cover Girl for May 2014 Issue.
Chloe Dauden with Super-bare issue for the month of May 2014.

So, Chloe, how does it feel have your first FHM Cover?

“I did FHM thrice already, but this is my first time to be this bare. And when it’s super bare, you know your body has to be perfect,” -Chloe answered

“Tapos sa beach pa, so nakakaloka kasi other people might see. Nakaka-pressure but at the same time it’s fun and liberating, kasi you get to experiment as well.” -Chloe Dauden Added 

This Months Issue includes: Coined a term for new breed of gentlemen, put our manhood to the test by Climbing Mt. Pulag, Challenged the Heartbleed Bug by coming up with the perfect password, and measured the differences between porn sex and real sex.

FHM's May, 2014 issue will be available on leading Supermarkets, Newsstands, and Bookstores on Monday, April 28.

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