Tuesday, 29 April 2014

PBB: All In "Jayme Jalandoni" Devoted Daughter ng Las Piñas

Pinoy Big Brother's 'PBB:All In' housemate "Jayme Jalandoni" - Devoted Daughter ng Las Piñas

Image via Pinoy Big Brother's official Twitter page


Jayme Jalandoni

Place: Las Piñas
Age: 23
Occupation: Nurse
Hobbies: Drawing, Painting

Jayme grew up in a Religious and Conservative family.

She has two sisters and a brother.

She is very close to her mother but often consults her father whenever she needs advise on anything.

She loves to draw anime characters and paint. She wanted to be a Fine Arts student but grabbed a degree in Nursing for it is what her parents wanted for her.

She is also one of those NBSB(No Boyfriend Since Birth) for she still hasn't found Mr. Right.

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