Tuesday, 29 April 2014

PBB All In Nichole Baranda Controversial Photos Leaked

PBB All In Housemate Nichole Baranda's Controversial photos have been swirling through the internet.

The Housemate Nichole Baranda is dubbed as the "Sweet Revelation ng Makati".

Since the housemate  is only 15 years old, considered to be at minor age, these controversial images appeared and it is still circulating on Social Networks.

The image shows nichole taking a picture while kissing a Guy in the lips and the other image shows nichole making a Mid-Finger.

PBB All In Housemate Nichole Baranda is the Controversial daughter of Tv-host / Model Phoemela Baranda, who marked the entertainment industry revealing her hidden daughter.

Is she really a Sweet Revelation? Comments are open below for your own opinions!

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  1. yan ba yung tinawag na sweet revelation ng makati? LoL

    1. Let us not judge first, Pinoy Big Brother made its comment saying that this maybe happen through her life-experiences when she was once a bully.