Tuesday, 29 April 2014

US President Barack Obama won't commit U.S against China

US President Barack Obama on Monday, April 28, 2014 did not gave his word of commitment to help Philippines defend if ever China attacks it over maritime in the West Philippine Sea.

one-on-one meeting at the MalacaƱang Palace in Manila on Monday
US President Barack Obama and PH President Noy-noy aquino one-on-one: Image credits ABS-CBN

Obama was asked twice in an interview if he's willing to give the same commitment that he already gaved to japan last week.

Japan is like Philippines, a treaty ally of US, and both have maritime disputes against China.

Japan has the Senkaku Islands while the Philippines have the West Philippine Sea, against China.

"We welcome China’s peaceful rise. We have a constructive relationship with China. There is enormous trade; enormous business that is done between the United States and China; So our goal is not to counter China; our goal is not to contain China," Obama said.

Then he added that US does not have a specific position on the disputes between nations.

"But, as a matter of international law and international norms, we don't think that coercion and intimidation is the way to manage these disputes. And for that reason, we’re very supportive of President Benigno’s approach to go before the tribunal for the law of the sea, and to seek international arbitration that can resolve this in a diplomatic fashion," US President Obama said.

"My hope is that, at some point, we’re going to be able to work cooperatively with China as well," he further added.

China has rejected joining the arbitration case which Philippines filed for the International Tribunal on the law of the Sea (ITLOS).

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