Sunday, 4 May 2014

Alex Gonzaga: Not a official housemate

TV-host Alex Gonzaga is not an official housemate after a surprise admittance for her on Pinoy Big Brother's Season 5 All In.

Alex Gonzaga was revealed to be a celebrity guest housemate not a official housemate
Alex Gonzaga inside PBB's Confession room holding a microphone for a talk-show task

Alex, who was originally called up to be one of the co-hosts, was called into the confession room May 3, 2014 by 'Kuya' during the Saturday night episode.

Kuya said after asking if did she ever wonder why her 'ate' never asked about her condition inside PBB house? because it was a command i gave to her.

He then recalled their first conversation about how alex wanted to have an experience to be a housemate, and by being a housemate she needs to be temporarily away from her loved ones.

After that kuya revealed her real purpose inside the house, and that is to complete a series of tasks before she can leave to the outside world, first is she will hold her own "Talk Show" and to needs to know the housemates better.

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