Tuesday, 13 May 2014

CDR-King will bring Google Glass in their Market

CD-R KING will be selling Google Glass?! According to a teaser photo which CD-R KING released in their official Facebook Page shows a preview of a high-end gadget which owned by Google captioned:

"See Things Like You've never Seen Before.
Look out for Google Glass in Cdrking store!
A stylish and classy way to see your screen.
Google on the Go!"
CD-R King will be selling Google Glass

The company hasn't still confirmed the price or the launching date, However, CD-R KING promised that they will provide more information soon.

CD-R KING is one of the largest and cheapest media providers in the Philippines.

I do some checking for the official Google Glass' pre-orders list and found that it is not yet available in the Philippines, While as we notice from the teaser Photo of CD-R KING's Google Glass it doesn't have an original logo of Google rather just some techie font used to name "Google".

Recently China has released a version for Google Glass named Baidu Eye, but it was meant for April Fools Joke! but CD-R KING posted it on May 10, 2014 so is CD-R KING making this for real?!

Google might react when they see this poster AD CD-R KING posted, maybe for legitimate reasons or using other font to represent Google.

Who cares? Only the these company will have their own settlement after all, if ever some legality issues will be questioned.
Sources: Azraelsmerryland, Yugatech, CD-R King

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