Wednesday, 14 May 2014

CD-R King will not be Selling Google Glass

After the intriguing issue that CD-R King would sell Google Glass, unfortunately CD-R King posted and explained that it was erroneously posted and regrets any inconvenience and misinformation they might have been caused.

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CD-R King also clarified that CD-R King is not licensed or authorized by Google to sell the wearable high-end device called Google Glass.

Notice: An article relating to Google Glass was erroneously posted in CDR-King’s Facebook page. The public is notified that Google is not in any way associated with CD-R King. CD-R King is not licensed or authorized to represent Google, to use any of its marks, or to sell any of its products, including Google Glass. CD-R King regrets any inconvenience or misinformation that may have been caused.

It is clear that CD-R King will not be selling Google Glass.
Source: DigitalSpidey

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