Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Coleen Garcia Denies Billy Crawford is Official Boyfriend

TV-Host Coleen Garcia who is linked to Billy Crawford denied that he is already her boyfriend, but she quickly added that what they already have is "Special".

Last January Billy Crawford admitted that he is courting Coleen Garcia after splitting up with the singer Nikki Gil.

In an Interview held on Sunday, Coleen Garcia said that she is not fond of putting up labels on any kind of relationships.

"May something, may special something. Not girlfriend and boyfriend but I guess the way we see each other. It's kind of like that already. We see each other in a special way but no labels. Siguro yun yung parang awkward stage in between," she said.

When asked if who she thinks is holding their relationship official she answered, "Ako lang, I think I'm waiting for the right time. I'm just very guarded."

"I learned a lot kasi from things in the past. I'm continuing to learn. I just want to take things slowly. There were a lot of things that I rushed in the past. And I'm just enjoying every stage of this," she added.

As she waits for the "right time," Garcia said she is not worried that Crawford might get impatient.

Garcia also said that she is not worried about Crawford might get impatient waiting for the right time.

She also added that she cannot say it for now when they will become an "official couple".

"Wala naman sa number of months. I guess it's just kapag nararamdaman mo na," she said.

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