Tuesday, 13 May 2014

HOWTO: Protect your USB/External Drives From Infected Computers

How to Protect USB from Infected Computers?

USB get infected when i plugged it in the computer

We all know that USB or any other External Storage Drives makes our file transfers easy and convenient, but did you know the risks of making file transfers to any other computers? Time to time of using your USB to any other computers might lead your drive get infected. True! not all computers are clean, even offices, schools, computer shops, etc. computers might have viruses all the time, not all computers had their anti-viruses updated, and hackers every single time updates their database for a new series of viruses.

Now if your USB or any other External Storage Drives got infected, most of your confidential files, important data's or data's worth for our living. Will unfortunately get corrupted, worst is data's which will get infected would suddenly be gone (Deleted).

Question is, Will i ever protect my USB to maliciously infected computers?

Yes! of-course using "Bit-Defender's USB Immunizer" well i have been using it for a year and luckily didn't encounter file corruptions or data deletions, i am confident using my USB time to time at any other computers to make a file transfer.

BitDefender is well-known to be one of the leading Antiviruses in the market for all time, because it provides good quality of virus protection for PC and laptops, files and identities and it continues to receive good feedback's from users.


  • Download BitDefenders' USB Immunizer: Here
  • Plugin your USB or any other storage devices in your Computer.
How to Plugin your USB to laptops or computers
image source: interestingengineering.com

  • Locate the downloaded app and launch it.

The app features allow you to immunize your plugged USB or other storage devices to defend auto-run based Malware.

  • Click the USB icon shown from the app (you will notice that it's shadows are red).
  • After clicking it to immunize it will suddenly turn green, like the image below.

Congratulations! your USB now is invulnerable and has the strength to annihilate the viruses from an infected Computer.

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