Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Nurse Taped Baby's Lips in Cebu

A Viral photo posted in Facebook by Ryan Noval, which a cebuana nurse at the Cebu Puericulture Center and MaternityHouse, taped the mouth of Noval's son in the lips, for crying non-stop and was already creating too much noise.

A Nurse has taped the baby's mouth for non-stop crying

According to Ryan Noval the father, his wife discovered that the nurse taped his one-week old newborn son's lips when she visited at the nursery room.

Noval shared this in Facebook captioned:

"Meet my son Yohannes Noval!! he cannot speak about his horrific experience from the attending nurse's hands inside Maternity Hospital's nursery.....so we have to speak out for him."

The Father said that the nurse told his wife that she had to tape the baby's mouth for non-stop crying and already causing too much noise.

Noval exposed his feelings and uproared: "Would you tolerate this? 
I'm the father of this baby and I CANNOT and WILL NOT tolerate this bullshit!!"

Ryan Noval and his wife immediately filed a complaint against the nurse.

Dr. Raida Varona, a CPMH Medical Director, said that the investigation regarding the matter is ongoing, but refused to comment when asked the number of persons involved.

ABS-CBN News already tried to know the side of the hospital but was told the the investigation regarding the matter was still on going and the head-nurse is on her day-off.

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