Wednesday, 21 May 2014

PBB: All In goes Rated SPG over a Naughty Game

For the first time since Pinoy Big Brother was aired in the Philippines "Pinoy Big Brother: All In" Season 5 was rated "Strong Parental Guidance" (SPG) on Tuesday as it aired a naughty game (Truth-or-Dare) involving adult housemates.

Axel Torres Cuddles Nose with Aina while Vickie Rushton Traces Daniel Matsunaga's ABS
Image via Screengrab from ABS-CBN

Tuesday May 20, episode of the reality show, kuya treats the housemates for a pool party, with an exception for the five teen housemates, well, the housemates are allowed to have alcoholic beverages.

After the teen housemates were called for their curfew, the adults decide to continue and play truth or dare game, which the game turned naughty when Axel Torres and Aina Solano cuddles their noses for the dare, Vicki Rushton Tracing Daniel Matsunaga's Abs, and Daniel Matsunaga kissing Aina's ear.

Well, We all know that these particular housemates are commited outside PBB's house, what would Jason Abalos' reaction after seing Vickie this way? and the Moroccan boyfriend in Geneva of Aina?

The game turned tense, after Aina gets upset when being dared to twerk in front of Axel. When Alex got his turn, he requests to the housemates not to pair him with Aina for a dare, pointing Aina who's being angry at him.

The two argue infront of the co-housemates, but eventually excuse themselves and prefer to discuss the matter inside the house, when they return to the pool area they seem to have settled things as Axel kisses Aina's cheek.

The Pool party episode earned Philippine trends and garned rank worldwide on Twitter.

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