Saturday, 10 May 2014

Phoemela Baranda 'Disappointed' to her Daughter Nichole

On "Aquino and Abunda Tonight" the TV-Host / Model Phoemela Baranda admitted that she is disappointed to her daughter, "PBB All In" housemate Nichole Baranda, over a controversial photo which circulated in Twitter and Facebook of the 15 year old raising her middle finger and kissing an unknown guy.

Phoemela Baranda who is interviewed in Aquino and Abunda Tonight shares her reaction over nichole baranda

Boy Abunda asked :

"Nung napanood mo yun ano ang iyong naging reaksyon?"

Phoemela answered :

"Syempre tito boy medyo na sho-shock pa ako sa mga sinasabi ni kim"

She then turned emotional when asked about her reaction to the viral image and her daughter's confessions about their relationship.

Baranda blamed herself that if she only checks Nichole's Social sites she could have prevented images Nichole is posting.

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