Friday, 9 May 2014

Ruffa Mae 'Booba' Quinto Removes her Breast Implants

Comedienne / Actress Rufa Mae "Booba" Quinto announced on Wednesday May 7, 2014 "Silicone-Free", referring to her breast implants removal after more than a year of suffering and discovery of a benign tumor in her breast.

Comedienne-Actress Ruffa Mae Quinto was reported to remove her breast implants.

The 36 year old comedienne decided to undergo the operation because of her left breast has been suffering in pain for more than a year.

Booba posted shared the photo in her Instagram page captioned:

"Yes finally my boobs all naturan am silicon free!, Infairness talagang pasabog makatotohanan ang ganap! Pang tutukan! Saya!".

 "Thanks Dr. Lacson for taking care of my ganap sa boobs. I've been suffering from pain for more than yr. bec. of my left boobs so now ok na. I wanna share lang na kinaya ko ang laha. Gogogo #booba" -Quinto added

Ruffa Mae Quinto who is known for her "Dumb Blonde" character as a comedienne. And famous to her role 'Booba' in 2001 movie with the same title.

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