Saturday, 17 May 2014

The Return of Flappy Bird Game will bring Multiplayer Feature

Flappy Bird, the highly addictive game will return to Google Play-store this August 2014, but from this time, Flappy Bird's return, will feature a 'Multiplayer' version.

Flappy Bird Version 2 will be available on Play Store this August
Image via TechCrunch
Dong Nguyen who developed the game "Flappy Bird", from Vietnam, confirmed about the game's return in an interview last Wednesday to Kelly Evans on CNBC's Closing Bell program today, Nguyen told that the game will include Multi-player capabilities and be less addictive.

Nguyen said before he took down Flappy Bird he was already garnering $50,000 per day from advertising revenues and had more than 50 million downloads, but after noticing people were too addicted to it he decided to take it down, because "it's to much", he achieves fame, fortune and success, but that only made his life under pressure.
He reportedly felt guilty about producing the original version of the game as an "addictive product".

Flappy Bird this time will return with Multi-player capabilities and which he promises to be less addictive on August 2014.

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