Friday, 23 May 2014

WATCH: Magic in the Moonlight Trailer Starring Emma Stone

Magic in the Moonlight a Comedy / Romance movie which is written by Woody Allen starring Emma Stone who is known for "Gwen Stacy" in The Amazing Spider-man and Colin Firth which won the Academy Award for Best-Actor in 2011 for the film "The King's Speech".

In the Trailer Emma Stone (Sophie) "is a visionary and a vision", for Allen's new Comedy / Romance film, Magic in the Moonlight.

She also plays as a fake mind reader, or does she really possess some supernatural powers?, Colin Firth (Stanley) which does not believe in spiritualist is beginning to fall for her.

Magic in the Moonlight also brought back Woody Allen's Jazz Age, the era of Best Picture Oscar-Nominated.

Magic in the Moonlight which is written and directed by Woody Allen will have it's initial release on July 25, 2014(USA)

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