Saturday, 10 May 2014

WATCH: PBB All In 'Turtle Song' by Fifth Solomon

PBB All In Housemate, Fifth Solomon's 'Turtle Song' became a worldwide trending topic on twitter on Friday May 9, 2014.

On the 12th day episode of "Pinoy Big Brother: All In" '#PBBALLINDAY12' that was aired on Friday, Fifth Solomon was accompanied by co-housemate Alex Gonzaga to the confession room where he told "Kuya" about a song he made that was inspired by turtles.

PBB All In trending Turtle Song by Fifth Solomon
Alex on left and Fifth on right inside the confession room photo via ABS-CBN

While holding at Alex's hand for an emotional support, fifth bluffed a crying-scene that he was moved by a turtle he saw on the beach during an out of town trip.

Fifth Solomon a 22 Year old from Pasay then sang few lines from the song he wrote about the turtle. The lyrics go: "My love for you is strong / Like the shell of the turtle / My love for you is elongated / Like the neck of the turtle."

Friday May 9, 2014 PBB ALL IN TRENDS to Twitter

Big Brother told Fifth that someday he will experience being a turtle, made Alex laugh.

"Lagot ka! Akala mo nagbibiro si Kuya?" Alex said to fifth.

Later that day, Fifth was called back to the confession room. "Kuya" left a gift which is a human-size turtle costume, which he said will help fifth to have a deeper understanding to turtles.

Fifth comes out of the confession room as a "turtle", made co-housemates laugh, then they all proceed to sing the "Turtle Song" and watch as Fifth navigates the house as a turtle.

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