Thursday, 1 May 2014

Watch: Rodolfo Fariñas took a selfie shot with Pope Francis the 266th

Congressman of Ilocos Norte. Rodolfo Fariñas took a selfie shot with Pope Francis during the foreign dignitaries handshake with Pope Francis the 266th.

 Congressman Rodolfo posted the photo shot on Instagram last Monday, captioned:

"Selfie of my life with Pope Francis"
A selfie shot by rodolfo fariñas with pope francis the 266th during the canonization with pope john paul and pope john
Image via Rodolfo Fariñas official Instagram page

Fariñas who attended the double canonization of popes John XXIII and John Paul II at the vatican along with the foreign delegations for a brief meeting at the courtyard of Vatican with the Roman Pontiff after the ceremony.
A video taken by the Italian newspaper La Repubblica shows that after Fariñas kneeled down  to shake the pope's hand, he grab the opportunity of taking a selfie shot, that almost hits the "Philippine Ambassador to the Holy See", Mercedes Tuason.

A image from a video where Fariñas tooked a selfie shot with the pope shows a Smiling Catholic leader politely not letting go of the handshake with Tuason.

"first papals selfie"

Fariñas isn't the only one who took selfie with the Pope in crowd, last august teenagers who traveled from Bobbio town in Emila-Romagna Italy, got the "First papal selfie" that went viral around the world.  

WATCH: How Rodolfo Fariñas got his 'selfie' with Pope Francis

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