Monday, 12 May 2014

Youtube Sensation 'JaMich' Officially Engaged

YouTube's sensation "Jamich" tandem and real-life couple Jam Sebastian and Paolinne Michelle Liggayu are now officially "engaged".

In front of their fellow Church members on Sunday, Liggayu is the one who proposed to her boyfriend Jam Sebastian.

It was shared in Instagram captioned:

Officially engaged!  #BestDayEver #JamichForever

"I said 'YES!' We are now officially engaged," Sebastian said.
"Di ako makapaniwala. Akala ko anniversary surprise lang kasi anniv namin kahapon. Whew! I AM A LUCKY MAN! SURREAL!!! Di ko alam sasabihin. Ikkwento ko soon kapag nakapag balik na ako sa mundo. Andito pa rin ako lumulutang sa ulap. Mabuti na lang may WiFi hehe! #BestDayEver," he further added.

For Michelle's part, she shared: "We are here at the HAPPIEST PLACE on Earth. With the HAPPIEST PEOPLE on Earth."

"I hope I can make you the HAPPIEST MAN on Earth. Because you can make me the HAPPIEST WOMAN on Earth by saying YES," she shared.

the cancer fighter jam sebastian is now engaged to real-life tandem michelle liggayu

The couple rose online for their videos which is about love and relationships.

They celebrated their sixth anniversary as a couple last week, while Sebastian still is under fighting against his Cancer.

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