Sunday, 8 June 2014

Janine Martinez Death Hoax Fooled Daniel Padilla

A Twitter trending topic "Janine Martinez'", who allegedly died at 6:20 A.M, June 7 2014, from suffering of leukemia, which was intended to be a death joke, made the Teen-king Actor Daniel Padilla fooled and posted a status, expressing his deep condolences to Janine.

RIP JANINE MARTINEZ.. Maraming maraming salamat sa suporta mo saamin ni kathryn.. ikaw ay aming inspiration.. salamat sa lahat.. -Daniel Padilla posted on Twitter after receiving a news, which one of his fan died of complications from leukemia.
The trend "Janine Martinez", was scoring rounds while hitting the top spot several hours since the alleged death was shared by most KathNiel fans, expressing their deep condolences to Janine.

Janine Martinez was later discovered to be a fake account which uses a photo-grabbed without permissions from the user named Janine Del Carmen.

Meanwhile, the real "Janine" Del Carmen had no idea and made her comment posting a video saying sorry.

Daniel Padilla has not yet updated his comment about the matter, rather deletes his message for "Janine Martinez", which was posted on Sunday, June 8 2014, around 2PM.

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