Thursday, 5 June 2014

Saab Magalona Beat-up Incident in Pasig

Child of the OPM icon Francis Magalona, Saab Magalona, was beaten up over the weekend by a guy whom was presumably drunk.

Saab magalona over the weekend was beaten up in Pasig

Magalona, who had a contract agreement on GMA-7, took to her official blog site on Tuesday to verify the incident, which apparently took spot during a celebration arranged by the rock icon Ely Buendia at a hotel in Pasig.

"I do not wish to downplay nor overplay the events that happened so I will only tell you this: yes, I was punched on the head several times by an intoxicated man," she said.
In accordance to Magalona, the guy was "part of a group of uninvited guests to an intimate and private birthday party".

Magalona stated that the celebrant as well as other visitors were also assaulted by the group, "but fortunately a medical evaluation revealed that there is no major and permanent damage physically".

"Despite the emotional trauma this has caused, I refuse to allow this incident to scar me. Instead, rest assured I will fight against violence — especially violence against women," she said.

Magalona's mom, Pia, has already reported the incident to the local authorities.

"Our lawyers are on the case and I hope we can prevent these people from doing further harm to myself and others," Magalona said. "I'd like to keep the details under wraps and let the justice system do its thing (hopefully)".

"For now, I'd like to go back to my daily routine! Again, thank you for all your love and support!" she added.

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