Thursday, 5 June 2014

Saab Magalona will 'Sue' the Drunk Gatecrasher punched her

Kapuso star Saab Magalona faced the local T.V reporters on Wednesday after revealing the incident where she was allegedly punched on the head several times by a drunk gatecrasher man.

Saab magalona over the weekend was beaten up in Pasig

Saab Magalona, daughter of the late OPM icon Francis Magalona, who was one of the guest performers at the Yahoo! Celebrity Awards press launch event at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig.

Magalona said to the reporters on Wednesday that the event was a very traumatizing experience, but the case is now under the hands of their lawyers.

Magalona confirmed that she is filling a case against the gatecrasher, but refused to give more details about the incident.

Saab magalona over the weekend was beaten up in Pasig
The 25-year-old actress first revealed the incident happened in a post on her personal blog, which she said that the attacker was part of a group of uninvited guests to an intimate and private birthday celebration , which was organized by the rock-icon Ely Buendia in a hotel at Pasig.

Magalona also stopped some people in the party who wanted to fightback by saying that "That's not going to get us anywhere".

Saab Magalona also said that after the incident happened a female companion of the gatecrashers also said sorry immediately.

"Pero, 'di ba, para sa akin, hindi naman puwedeng sorry lang. 'Sorry, lasing ako, inupakan kita.' You have (to face) the consequences of your actions," she explained.

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