Friday, 20 June 2014

WATCH: Justin Bieber's protégé Madison Beer 'Unbreakable' Music Video

Justin Bieber's protégé Madison Beer has released her second single "Unbreakable" on June 17, 2014.
The MV started with Madison Beer sitting on a bench holding a black balloon with a printed title "Who am i".

We can see throughout the video, more teens were introduced holding with their balloons saying "I hurt", "I need" and "I cut", Well a very emotional qoutes showing teens to be vulnerable.

But the video takes a positive turn and sparked when a boy gives Madison a balloon which says, "You’re special," followed by the other teens balloons says, "I dream," and "I matter," in the midst of everyone letting go of their insecurities and their balloons in an open field in the end, Well, it actually gives the video-title's meaning  "Unbreakable".

With the chorus which goes pop-country genre, "We're gonna ride through fire like we've never been burned/We're gonna laugh out loud like we’ve never been heard/We're gonna shout it out to the edge of the world/We're unbreakable, You're unbreakable."

Meanwhile, The Singer / Model, Justin Bieber recently has introduced Madison Beer, "She's Going to Be a Star".

For those whose still unfamiliar to Madison Beer she is 15 year-old singer who made her name on YouTube after Bieber gave her videos a shoutout on Twitter. With Justin’s stamp of approval, the 15-year-old singer's music career now is booming!

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