Sunday, 13 July 2014

WATCH: Musika vs. Gab vs. Mitz "A Thousand Years" Team Sarah Battle Rounds Performance

Watch the Battle Round between Musika Caubang, Mitz Tanguilan and Gab Gomezon The Voice Kids Philippines Team Sarah Battle Rounds

The battle night started with the performance of the 18 aspiring young artists and their coach pop-star royalty miss sarah geronimo singing Demi Lovato's "Neon Lights" on July 12, 2014.

Before the live kick off of the said TV-Show TV Host Luis Manzano asked Coach Sarah to explain her experience over the kids, Coach Sarah then made her testimonials regarding to her young artists.
"Nakuha ng mga batang ito ang respeto ko, talagang kahit na mga bata sila, yung disiplina nila, yung professionalism nila, daig pa minsan yung may mga matatanda".
-Sarah Geronimo
Luis Manzano added a question about what is Coach Sarah's ideal qualification over her kids artists.

Responding to Manzano's question Coach Sarah Said "Yung hindi nag sisintonado, versatility, syempre yung connection, syempre yung puso, bale wala lahat nung pagiging technical, yung pagiging magaling mong mangaawit pag ka hindi galing sa puso mo and coach ability ofcourse, yung nakikinig na bata".

The highly anticipated TV Show in the country "The Voice Kids PH" tonight features the Battle Rounds of Team Sarah starting with the three young artists naming Musika Caubang, Mitz Tanguilan and Gab Gomez.

Watch The Performance of Musika, Gab, and Mitz:

 Results: Gab Gomez Wins the Battle and will proceed to the Sing-Offs Round.

The performance started Musika singing the lead followed by Gab and Mitch, singing Vanessa Carlton's "A Thousand Miles".

After the battle performance, the coaches made their comments and choices;

Started with Coach Bamboo who's impressed of Musika's bubbly approach over the song and Mitz had matched the approach, and then Gab whose performance wasn't clear from the start, then Bamboo figured it out what Gab is trying to do, then picked Gab.

Coach Lea which is entertained to watch Mitz with the matching head-band over her performance, and then leaves criticism on Gab whose making some adlibs on her voice which is not important over her voice, and Musika which is so beautiful on stage. Coach Lea picked Mitz saying she's the complete package on the performance of the three.

However, the winner is upon the decision of Coach Sarah herself that will determine who among them will advance to the next round called Sing-Off.

Coach Sarah first congratulated the three lovely young artists on their performance, for Musika Coach Sarah who looked agreed to what Coach Lea said that she is so beautiful on stage that matches her voice talent, and for Gab, Sarah said that her voice is so rich, and referred it to be the difference between them three and then picked Gab.

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