Monday, 7 July 2014

WATCH: Natsumi vs. Edray vs. Grazz "Breakaway" Kamp Kawayan Battle Round

Battle Round between Natsumi Saito, Edray Teodoro and Grazz Enriquez on The Voice Kids Philippines Team Bamboo Battle Rounds

The highly anticipated TV Show in the country "The Voice Kids PH" tonight features the Battle Rounds of Team Bamboo features three artists naming Natsumi Saito, Edray Teodoro and Grazz Enriquez.

Result: Edray Teodoro Wins the Battle and will proceed to the Sing-Offs Round.

After the battle performance, the coaches made their comments and choices;

Coach Sarah Geronimo said that Natsumis' voice is so powerfull while Grazz's voice is so sweet along with her personality and Edray's voice was so natural and picked Edray, and Coach Lea said that Natsumi is like a bright light and she liked the texture of Edray's voice then picked Edray like Coach Sarah did.

However, the winner is upon the desicion of Coach Bamboo himself that will determine who among them will advance to the nex round called Sing-Off.

Coach Bamboo was seen almost speechless during the performance and he complimented the performance of the three. but after he gave compliment to the three, Coach Bamboo choose Edray to continue to the Sing-Off Round.

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