Saturday, 16 August 2014

Paolo Bediones Video Scandal Part Two

The Part II of the actor / news anchor Paolo Bedioes video scandal is again circulating in the net since Friday afternoon (August 15, 2014).

Paolo Bediones Video Sex Scandal Part 2

Report says that an identified computer technician is the one behind this malicious circulation of the video.  It was reported that the laptop technician blackmailed Bediones and threatened him few years ago that if he won’t submit to all their demands, the allegedly three videos (2 have been released already) as his private files in his laptop will be released in the Internet.

According to Coorms report, The part II video is 16-minute long and file named “VIDEONESS.mp4”, with the same unnamed sex partner which is suspected to be China Roces . 

Bediones however never denied that he is the one on the video and he is willing to file charges against this willful intention of uploading his private files. 

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